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bird egg incubators plan The plan to build a bird egg incubator is free for your personal use. Building the bird egg incubator requires basic tools and skills. Egg incubator plans can be "modified" to suit different egg incubation methods. Heaters suitable for the incubator can be found on this web site. The heater can be built into the incubator during construction or used free standing.
Egg incubator plan

build a
bird egg incubator

To build the egg incubator the base is the first piece of plywood cut to size. The base becomes the guiding template for all other bird egg incubator dimensions. Measurements used for the incubator base will be decided by the number of bird eggs requiring incubation.

When the size of the incubator has been determined transfer the measurements to the base of the incubator. This becomes the guide for all remaining measurements.

Egg incubator plan

The sides and roof of the egg incubator should be from the same plywood panel as the base if the incubator is to have a varnished finish. Modifications can be made at almost any point of the free bird egg incubator plan.

  • A1/A2 are equal but larger to A5/A6 by approx 15%
  • A3/A4 are equal but larger to A7/A8 by approx 35%
  • A5/A6 are equal measurements for the incubator
  • A7/A8 are equal measurements for the incubator
  • B1 is the minimum height for the incubator + 15%
  • B2 This is the height of B1 plus approximately 15%
  • B3 Draw a joining line between B1 & B2 after B4
  • B4 These measurements are equal to A7/A8

Bird egg incubator

Superior insulation for the incubator can be obtained by using heavier plywood panels. A thick plywood will reduce the heating cost of the bird egg incubator.

  • B1/B5 . B2/B6 . B3/B8 . B4/B7 are equal sizes
  • B1/B2/B3/B4 is the the first panel cut and used for template for the bird egg incubator plan.
  • B5/B6/B7/B8 are transferred from the template.

  • C1/C2= to A5 plus twice the thickness of the plywood
  • C3/C4= measurements to the incubators B1/B5
  • C5/C6= measurements to A5 plus twice the thickness
  • C7/C8= measurements to the incubators B2/B6

Egg incubator

When selecting the plywood for the build a egg incubator plan the grade of plywood must be of an exterior grade quality. The plywood for the egg incubator must not contain any chemicals that produce fumes when the incubator is heated.
  • A1+A2=The ends of the bird egg incubators roof
  • A3+A4=The sides of the egg incubators roof
  • A5+A6=The ends of the incubator base
  • A7+A8=The sides of the incubators base
  • B1+B2=The ends of the egg incubator side 1
  • B3+B4=The sides of the bird egg incubators side 1
  • B5+B6=The ends of the egg incubators side 2
  • B7+B8=The sides of the incubators side 2
  • C1+C2=The ends of the incubator back
  • C3+C4=The sides of the bird egg incubator back
  • C5+C6=The ends of the egg incubator front
  • C7+C8=The sides of the incubator front

Building a bird egg incubator

Timber approximately two inches square ( 50 mm )
is suitable for building a large bird egg incubator.
Small incubators frames are 1 inch (25mm) square.

Timber framing for building a bird egg incubator should be sufficient to border the inside of the base sides and four corners. Modifications can be made when building the egg incubator. Guides to position the roof & runners that keep the incubator off the ground are required.

Plans for a bird egg incubator

When building the bird egg incubator a viewing panel can be left out if it is not required. The plans for a bird egg incubator has a perspex window but safety glass can be used as a substitute. Wood glue, galvanized nails and screws are used for joining the plywood and framing. The roof for the incubator can be made from clear perspex sheeting or glass. Perspex helps to insulate the egg incubator. Perspex panels can have the positioning runners fixed with screws or nails. An incubator glass
roof will require runners that are glued to the surface.

Plans for a egg incubator

The plans for an egg incubator assembly begins with the base of the incubator. To start building the bird incubator line the outer edges of the base with frame timber. All the joints and framing of the bird egg incubator should be glued and nailed or screwed.

Fix the sides to the base keeping the plywood side
with the underside of the base. The upright corner pieces are then placed at the side edges.

The back of the bird egg incubator is the next panel fitted. Ensure that the back plywood sits flush to the outside of the plywood sides and flush to the base.

Bird egg incubator

The next step is to fit the front of the bird egg incubator with the edges flush to the sides and base underside. Flush edges for joining panels allows extra edging to be used at a later date. This will provide "superior heat insulation" for the small bird egg incubator.

Place the incubators roof in a position that is suitable for the incubator and fit the roof guides to the underside of the incubator roof. Use spare timber as runners for floors to prevent incubators loosing heat from ground contact.

When you are happy with the structural strength of the incubator fill any nail or screw holes and coat with a suitable covering. Painting will also aid insulation.

Egg incubator

Bird egg incubators must be of sound construction if insulation is to be effective. Insulating a poorly constructed bird egg incubator doesn't reduce operating cost.

Painting the incubator with an undercoat and exterior grade paint will prevent moisture from penetrating. If the egg incubator needs insulation against heat then a light colored paint should be applied. The reverse is also true.

small egg incubator

A  menu driven egg incubator with all the necessary features for bird breeders

The small incubator is easy to use and has a clear display of temperature and humidity settings.

Automatic temperature controls and automatic humidity controls ensure a successful egg hatch. Alarms are standard features for the small bird egg incubator. Failure of any setting automatically activates the warning devices.

Small bird egg incubator has automatic egg turning &
is fully programmable. The unique design of the egg incubator allows clear visibility of the egg incubation.

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small bird egg incubator
Our fully automatic small incubator for bird eggs has automatic control of temperature and humidity.

Egg turning is programmable and can be customized to provide your ideal incubation process.

The fully digital 7 bird egg incubator has a modern housing that is easy to clean. Operating instructions are supplied.

Included is a detailed description of egg incubation plans that are supported with clear diagrams and pictures.

© bird egg incubator plan build a egg incubator plan

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To build and heat a incubator the materials you use will be the deciding factor on the useful life of the incubator for eggs. The use of any material that has been coated or treated with any chemicals that may be toxic should be avoided. When using tools be sure that the proper safety equipment and safety procedures are used at all times. Read and understand all instruction books that are supplied with any tools and always maintain a clean and safe working area. Never work around children or unrestrained pets or let them in the work area unsupervised. The free incubator plans are for personal use only and have tested for strength and operation and to my knowledge they are correct and accurate. The incubator plans are supplied without warranties and guarantee and you acknowledge that you use them and operate all tools and equipment at your sole risk. The choice of incubator plan and any other building plans found on this web site and the suitability for the chosen project is entirely your responsibility. You agree to indemnify eggheater from any claims, damages, personal injuries and expenses in regards to any building projects and plans found on this web site. All the free building plans are for personal use.


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