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Measurements for the small bird house plan will suit small to medium sized birds but can be enlarged.

Materials for building the free bird house plan are general items that are easy to obtain at local stores.
All measurements for the free small bird house plan are Metric and sizes that are bracketed have been converted into Imperial lengths.

        Did you know that birds can be enticed to your small bird house in winter?
Free build a small bird house plan Birds free from captivity will always roost in areas that provide protection from the weather.
Heating your bird house guarantees you have year round residents of visiting birds.

Free bird house plans
  Assembling the free small bird house commences with the bird house base and sides. Constructing the
small bird house will be simplified by following instructions from the bird house plan. Alterations to the
small bird house plan commence before joining bird house panels. A bird house heater can be added later.

Bird house plans Framing connected to large bird houses may be required if a panel
flexes. Joints "on all bird houses" are glued or screwed to produce a
strong pets home that can withstand all types of weather conditions.

small bird Free small bird house plan Cut a doorway
opening into the
front of the small
bird house before
fixing the front
panel to the bird
house. Birds will
nest in old trees


where there are no natural holes they may use a bird house.
Birds will use a small bird house if the entrance hole is suitable.

blank spacer Birds house

Build a small bird house

Height of the small bird house plans front panel will be 400 mm ( 16 inches ) plus the thickness of the floor panel.
Width of a bird house front will be 300 mm ( 12 inches ) plus twice the thickness of a side. small solar heated bird house Free small bird house plan
The height of the free bird house plans side will be 350 millimeters ( 14 inches ) at the back and 400 mm ( 16 inches ) at the front.

The length of the bird house side will be 300 mm ( 12 inches )

Base and roof is designed with the required overhang
Compact bird houses are better for natural climate control in cold weather.
A small bird house built close to the size of the bird remains warmer by trapping heat.

Sides of the free small bird house plan are placed with
the shortest end positioned to the rear of the bird house.

Free bird house plan
  This will allow water to run off the roof towards the back of the small bird house. All fasteners should be driven into the bird
house frame (if fitted) from the outside of the panels and forced below the surface of the plywood. blank spacer heated birds house

Building a small bird house

Basic tools required to build the free bird house plan
measuring tape
claw hammer
screw driver
  A square is required to mark lines that are at right angles. If a jig saw-rip saw is available
building the free small bird house plan is easier. Handsaws and coping saws will substitute.

  • Plan for a roost box starts with the roost box base.
  • The next panels are roof & sides of the roost box.        Free small roost box plan

  • Rear & front panel complete the last box section.

Cutting of the free small roost box plan in this order will reduce the amount of plywood required to build the box.

blank spacer roost_box_plans     Exposed edges of the roost box will require dressing to prevent damp from entering.
Counter sink all the nail and screw holes then top and fill any holes and cracks on the
box. Sanding and painting of the free small roost box plan completes building of the
roost box plan. Do not touch the sanded surface of the bird house plan. ( body oil )

heating a birds house Wood rasps can be used to bring the roost box panels to a flush fit. Power sanders are suitable for the dressing up of the birds home. Start sanding of the roost box with a course grade sand paper and then to a medium and finally a fine grade sandpaper. Painting will complete the birds roost box. Select an exterior grade paint that is lead free. A water based exterior paint is preferred for finishing the bird box.


warming a birds house

Plans for a roosting box

  Side panels of the roosting box plan are the same.

   If the sides of the birds box panels have a textured surface ensure
   identical surfaces on the small bird box plan are located correctly

bird plan heater   

bird box & bird roosts

blank spacer bird flock When pets move into the roosting box have them stay
for the entire year by warming their new bird home.

heater for a bird house plan

Build a small roost box

The height of the back panel will be 350 mm ( 14 inches ) plus the
thickness of the floor panel. The width of the roost box back panel
will be 300 mm ( 12 inches ) plus twice the thickness of a side panel.
The roost box back panel will create stability to the roosting box.

keeping a bird house warm    Keep the edges of the roost box back flush
with the side and base edges of pets homes.
   Check that the small roost box is square
before fixing the roost box panels together.

Free roosting box plan

blank spacer roosting box plan The length of the roosting box roof is 400 millimeters ( 16 inches ) The width of the roof is 350 mm ( 14 inches ) An overlapping edge has been designed into the roosting box plans to stop rain from hitting the walls of the box. Overlapping bird box roofs also prevents floor damp.
bird house warmer The door opening of the roosting box plan is flush with the bottom of the floor and will have a height of 300 millimeters ( 12 inches ) and a width of 150 millimeters ( 6 inches )

flock of birds
Plan for a small bird box
The measurements for the small bird box plan
are for a medium sized bird with a height of 250 mm ( 10" )

blank spacer bird box plans Length and width of the bird box base will be 300 mm ( 12 inch )

Internal framing is placed on top of the bird box base and flush to the edges.

Screw, glue and nail the internal framing of the bird box from the underside of the base.

small bird house heater

Internal framing of the small bird box is fixed from the bottom box panel and into timber framing to reduce splitting.  Sides of your small bird box are positioned flush with the bases bottom.

Free plan for a small bird box   >   >   > INSULATING A SMALL BIRD BOX
Bird heater
  A box for birds can be warmed with a small bird box heater and insulation.
Place insulation on the outside of the small bird box to protect insulation from any
aggressive birds. Light weight wooden panels pinned to the bird box increases insulation.

    Heaters can be fitted onto your new bird box
Warming your bird box in winter will invite birds to nest in your small bird box all year.

Several pet heaters are displayed on this web site designed for providing warmth for birds.
Rain, hail or snow will not damage the small
weather proof heater. Full heater insulation protects your birds from injury. A low voltage system provides protection for you and family.
 pet heaters costs less than $4 per month to operate.  THAT PROTECTS YOUR WALLET

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bird home heaters

   bird house heater

Warm your pets with a weather proof bird house heater.
The bird heater will operate safely on a battery or transformer*
Rain or shine the bird house heater can be exposed to weather.

Birds can perch on the small heater. Heating insulation prevents hot spots from developing. A whisper quiet fan gently spreads

warmth uniformly throughout your pets home. "Automatic thermostats" maintain the homes temperature at a comfortable level.

BIRDS HOME HEATER blank spacer blank spacer  — The safer, easier way to pay online.
   The bird house heater fan has filters to remove seed
    husks and feathers. Spare filters are supplied free

   Bird house heaters automatically stop & restart at a preset temperature that is maintained at a safe and consistent level.      REDUCED         HEATAL.COM
Available from blank spacer BIRDS HOME HEATERS

Bird home heaters are easy to install. No special tools or skills are required. The low voltage pet heater simply connects to a small transformer or battery. Your power connections are supplied.


blank spacer BIRDS HOUSE HEATER rain blank spacer BIRD HOUSE HEATERS blank spacer lightning
          Convert the floor, wall & ceiling
          of your birds home into a heater

The bird home heater warms your pet home by contact. Heat is transmitted into the selected surface

weather proof    Birds can safely roost close to the heated surface of the bird home. Heating is controlled to provide warmth that does not exceed the
temperature of your birds body. Contact with any surface will not cause an injury. Bird home heaters are the ideal choice when space is limited or the small
bird home is occupied by aggressive birds. Your pet cannot reach the heater or power cords.
Instructions and advice provided.

heater for bird home blank spacer heating a birds house blank spacer heating a birds house.

blank spacer adds
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bird flock
Build a bird bath and bird house from your old satellite dish

Obsolete satellite discs that are your property* can only be used

Minimum material is required to build a bird bath that doubles as a bird house


Discarded satellite dish
Piece of thin plywood
Length of chain
Some fixtures

Satellite solar heating Satellite solar heater   Position the finished birds house with enclosed bird bath in an area that is not exposed to high winds. Excessive
movement of bird houses make birds nervous and reluctant to shelter inside the bird house or use the bird bath.

To build the bird house with a bird bath an obsolete satellite dish
will be the base of the bird house and also serve as a birds bath.

Solar heater for a bird house
Remove all fittings from the discarded dish. When working on the satellite dish ( bird house base ) prevent damaging the protective surface of the dish.

Satellite dishes are often protected by an excellent weather proof coating that prevents rust if undamaged.

Solar heated bird house Bird house with solar heating Drill a hole into the center of the obsolete dish. This will form the bird house base. The hole
must be positioned accurately to ensure that the bird house base sits horizontal to the ground.
If the measurement does not allow the base to sit level then the bird bath water will not drain
from the bird bath when the bird bath and bird house require their regular spring cleaning.

Fit a stainless steel bolt, nut, rubber washers and chain supports into the hole. The
rubber washers ensure a tight seal that prevents water from leaking out of the bath

Before assembling of the bird house base commences the perimeter of the dish can be used
to mark out the bird house roof shaped template as a substitute for the second satellite dish.
Cut out the desired bird roof shape and sand the rough edges back to a smooth surface.

Drill a hole into the center of the bird house roof and slide the roof onto the support chain.

Position the bird house roof at a suitable height and then apply a clear silicon to hold the bird house roof in place.

If solid supports are preferred then the chain can be re-positioned onto the bird house / / bird bath roof.

Detachable bird house walls create a cool ventilated home and bird bath in the hot weather. Cleaning and maintenance of the bird house is also simplified.

A piece of ply wood molded to the bird house base circumference will make an ideal bird house wall and stop the cold weather from entering the bird house.
Select plywood that is free from preservatives. This protects birds that have a tendency to chew on their bird house

 Mark a spot on the bird house base where the wall is to commence. Measure around the perimeter of the dish up to the position where you require the bird house
wall to finish. Transfer this length on to the material for the bird house wall then mark the height that is suited for your bird onto the of the plywood wall. Cut out the
bird house wall to these measurements and dress the edges of the plywood with medium grade sandpaper. Shape the bird house wall to suit the circumference of
the dish. This can be achieved by using a flexible plywood ( approx. 3 ply ) or molding a heavier plywood with the use of water & pressure and allow to dry.

blank spacer Bird house solar heated blank spacer Heating solar birds house blank spacer Build a solar heated bird houser

Bird house    
bars will
for easy

When the desired shape is obtained dress the bird house wall with a fine sand paper
and select a suitable finish that complements your bird house appearance.

Fasten with counter sunk fittings to create a smooth, safe surface that will not injure the visiting birds.

This type of arrangement for a bird house with a built in bird bath makes cleaning of the bird house very easy. Simply tilt the bird house to allow the
bird seed and bird bath water to drain away from the bird house base. Then rinse the bird bath surface and refresh the bird house seed and bird bath water.

Solar heated bird house deliveries are by registered mail with tracking number
solar heating bird aviary

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To build and heat a birds house, bird box or roosting box the materials you use will be the deciding factor on the useful life of the small bird house.
The use of any material that has been coated or treated with chemicals that may be toxic to your birds should be avoided. Pets cannot be constantly
supervised and it is not unusual for them to attack their enclosures. Face the opening of the small bird house, small roost box and small bird box
away from any prevailing winds. When using tools to build the small roost box plan or bird house plan ensure that the proper safety equipment and
safety procedures are used at all times. Read and understand all instruction books that are supplied with any tools and always maintain a clean and
safe working area. Never work around children or unrestrained pets or let them in the work area unsupervised. The free small bird house plans and
free small roost box, free bird box plan and roosting box plans supplied are for personal use only and have all been built and tested for strength and
operation. To my knowledge they are correct and accurate. The bird house plans are supplied without warranties and guarantee and you
acknowledge that you use them and operate all tools and equipment at your sole risk. The choice of bird house, roosting box, bird box or any other
building plans for small pets found on this web site and the suitability for the chosen project is entirely your responsibility. You agree to indemnify
eggheater from any claims, damages, personal injuries & expenses in regards to building any bird house projects & birdhouse plans from this web
site. * Contact your satellite/cable provider to establish the legal owner of the satellite dish used in the construction of a bird house and bird bath. parrot blank spacer Parrots EggHeaters
blank spacer bird house plans The plan to build a bird house is free for your personal use. Building the bird house requires basic tools and skills. Bird house plans can be "modified" to suit different building methods. Heaters suitable for the bird house can be found on our site. The heater can be built into the bird house during construction or used free standing.
 build a bird house plan

build your own bird house

To build the bird house the base is the first piece of plywood cut to size. The base becomes the guiding template for all other bird house dimensions. Measurements used for the bird house base will be decided by the number of birds requiring housing.

When the size of the bird house has been determined transfer the measurements to the base of the bird house.
This becomes the guide for all remaining measurements. Alterations can be made during construction.

Bird house plan

The sides and roof of the bird house should be from the same plywood panel as the base if the bird house is to have a varnished finish.
Modifications can be made at almost any point of the free bird house plan.

  • A1/A2 are equal but larger to A5/A6 by approx 15%
  • A3/A4 are equal but larger to A7/A8 by approx 35%
  • A5/A6 are equal measurements for the bird house
  • A7/A8 are equal measurements for the bird house
  • B1 is the minimum height for the bird house + 15%
  • B2 This is the height of B1 plus approximately 15%
  • B3 Draw a joining line between B1 & B2 after B4
  • B4 These measurements are equal to A7/A8

Bird House

Superior insulation for the bird house can be obtained by using heavier plywood panels.
A thick plywood will reduce the heating cost of the bird house.

  • B1/B5 . B2/B6 . B3/B8 . B4/B7 are equal sizes
  • B1/B2/B3/B4 is the the first panel cut and used
    for template for the bird house plan.

  • B5/B6/B7/B8 are transferred from the template.

  • C1/C2= to A5 plus twice the thickness of the plywood
  • C3/C4= measurements to the bird house B1/B5
  • C5/C6= measurements to A5 plus twice the thickness
  • C7/C8= measurements to the bird house B2/B6

Bird House

When selecting the plywood for the build a bird house plan the grade of plywood must be of an exterior grade quality.
The plywood for the bird house must not contain any chemicals that produce fumes when the bird house is heated.
  • A1+A2=The ends of the bird house roof
  • A3+A4=The sides of the bird house roof
  • A5+A6=The ends of the bird house base
  • A7+A8=The sides of the bird house base
  • B1+B2=The ends of the bird house side 1
  • B3+B4=The sides of the bird house side 1
  • B5+B6=The ends of the bird house side 2
  • B7+B8=The sides of the bird house side 2
  • C1+C2=The ends of the bird house back
  • C3+C4=The sides of the bird house back
  • C5+C6=The ends of the bird house front
  • C7+C8=The sides of the bird house front

Building a bird house

Timber approximately two inches square ( 50 mm )
is suitable for building a large bird house.
Small bird house frames are 1 inch (25mm) square.

Timber framing for building a bird house should be sufficient to border the inside of the base sides and four corners. Modifications
can be made when building the bird house. Guides to position the roof & runners that keep the bird house off the ground are required.

Plans for a bird house

When building the bird house a viewing panel can be left out if it is not required. The plans for a bird house has a perspex
window but safety glass can be used as a substitute. Wood glue, galvanized nails and screws are used for joining the plywood and framing.
   The roof for the bird house can be made from clear perspex sheeting or glass.
Perspex helps to insulate the bird house. Perspex panels can have the positioning runners fixed with screws or nails.
An bird house glass roof will require runners that are glued to the surface.

Plans for a Bird House

The plans for an bird house assembly begins with the base of the bird house. To start building the bird house line the outer edges
of the base with frame timber. All the joints and framing of the bird house should be glued and nailed or screwed. Fix the sides
to the base keeping the plywood side flush with the underside of the base. The upright corner pieces are then placed at the side edges.

Back of the bird house is the next panel. Ensure the back plywood sits flush to the outside of the plywood sides and flush to the base.

Bird house

The next step is to fit the front of the bird house with the edges flush to the sides and base underside. Flush edges for joining panels
allows extra edging to be used at a later date. This will provide "superior heat insulation" for the small bird house.

Place the bird house roof in a position that is suitable for the bird house and fit the roof guides to the underside of the bird house roof.
Use spare timber as runners for floors to prevent the bird house loosing heat from ground contact.

When you are happy with the structural strength of the bird house fill any nail or screw holes and coat with a suitable covering.

Bird House

Bird Houses must be of sound construction if insulation is to be effective. Insulating a poorly constructed bird house doesn't
reduce operating cost. Painting the bird house with an undercoat and exterior grade paint will prevent moisture from penetrating. If the bird
house needs insulation against heat then a light colored paint should be applied. The reverse is also true.