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Fan heater for a bird cage

   bird cage heaters  50% off
  Pet cage heaters that will WARM and COOL your small pets.    ( sale ends soon )

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Fan heaters for birds Fan heater for birds The small bird heater has a unique heating system
that directs all heating into the place you choose.
Heat is directed to your birds resting area
not places unoccupied by your pets.

Bird fan heaters are safe. The heater temperature does not exceed a safe level and will be quickly claimed by birds as their favored roost.

Fan heaters with airflow control are very stable The low profile bird heater can be free standing or mounted vertically.

A long low voltage power lead permits easy and safe positioning of the small pet heater.

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BIRD HEATER   A small heater no larger than a tennis ball

  • Bird heaters can operate safely on small
    rechargeable batteries or a transformer

  • An automatic thermostat will maintain a
    safe temperature and protect your birds

  • Filters fitted to the weather proof heater
    prevent the spreading of discarded small
    feathers and seed husks inside the bird cage

 Battery operated heaters will supply sufficient heating for periods of approximately 24 hours or more in suitable weather.
Your pet fan heater may also be permanently connected onto home power to provide continuous and safe heating.
The touch safe bird heater has built in safety features for maximum protection.  only  $44.73

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Small bird heater

blank spacer warming a bird   A small reliable heater for birds that
gives you a choice of different fan speeds.

This is ideal for areas in a birds enclosure that contains spilled seed and other scattered debris.The heater can also be used as a "fan cooler" on hot days to provide gentle, whisper quiet cooling

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   A carry handle   conveniently situated at the top of the bird heater//cooler
combined with long power lead allows easy relocation of the heater.

No maintenance is required. Simply plug the bird heater into a power point
and your pet will have a warm and comfortable home. Just $24.80

flock of birds

small 110 volt bird heater

240 volt small bird heater also available

Our small 110 volt bird heater is only 6 x 4.5 x 2
but packs the energy of much larger fan heaters

Heater for birds
reduces your pet heating bill by OVER 10%
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The pleasing modern shape ensures the small heater is suited for your pets home. Cleaning is very easy
A softly illuminated off - on switch provides visual confirmation that the small bird heater is operating.

  Protection is built into the compact heater. An auto resetting temperature control provides safe & regulated heating for pets
Birds can safely perch on the small pet heater without injury. Insulation prevents the bird heaters case from becoming to hot

small bird

Bird heaters blank spacer weather

weather proof heater for bird cages and aviaries

Only the touch safe heat vent is exposed within pet homes. Vents are attack proof
Please visit heatal .com for a large range of weather proof bird heaters
A built in automatic thermostat ensures safe levels

Active pets will not affect the safe operation of the bird heater. Controls are enclosed in the small heater. Whisper quiet fans direct warm air into the area most suited for pets. Your birds can safely perch on the vent of the small bird heater.
The small out doors bird heater is low voltage and operates reliably connected to batteries. $44.72

Fan heater for a bird cage blank spacer a25

*bird cage heater

Compact fan heater for a bird cage
3 exclusive new colors

flock of birds Bird cage fan heater Blades of the small fan heater
are enclosed within the casing providing excellent protection for your pets.

The heater for caged birds is weather proof and can be safely operated exposed to all weather conditions.

Our bird cage heater has been designed to withstand harsh treatment

   Bird cage fan heaters will easily tolerate falls. The light weight heater has molded inter-locking panels that are impact resistant
   and ideal for use in all areas. There are no sharp corners, edges or exposed controls that may be accidentally altered by your pet.

Bird cage heater
   INSULATION protects you from being burnt by our touch safe heater

  The bird cage heater has been designed to operate safely on the outside of a birds cage.
Fitting the fan heater to the birds cage is simple and quick ( all parts are supplied )

    Operating cost of the fan heater is very low and the heater can be operated on a transformer or battery.

A fine mesh screen on all openings of the heater prevents insects and pests from nesting in the casing.

blank spacer shipping warranty Your pets warm air is filtered with a reticulated filter.
The filter removes the finer pollution floating in the air.
Bird cage filters can be washed and re-used many times.

Extra spare filters are supplied free with every heater

heaters for a bird cage

cage fan heater & cooler*

Combined bird cage heater // cooler that has all the features of the bird cage heater and bird cage cooler.

Your pet heater // cooler can now be used in all weather. Heaters for a bird cage

To operate the cage heater simply switch on.
Pushing a button starts the cooling cycle.

Bird cage heating

Pet friendly bird cage heater // coolers are easy to install. Just position and tighten one small screw. Select a heating or cooling cycle and your pet will enjoy a comfortable home. Whisper quiet fans distribute clean air

-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

Bird cage heater only $39.95  (while stocks last)
free installation instructions supplied
 please select color
 — The safer, easier way to pay online. Combined heater & cooler  now $49. 82
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Bird Cage Heaters heating a birds cage Warming a bird cage
$70   just $37.40 is another pet friendly store that has a large range
of small heaters suitable for your birds home.

RELIABLE and guaranteed for 24 MONTHS
VERY SMALL size that allows easy installation    Bird cage heaters will easily fits through a cage door
ECONOMICAL to operate for extended periods
& reduced for this month blank spacer
Bird cage heaters are ideal for warming the inside of your pets cage. The small bird cage heater can be placed on the walls of your bird cage or simply used free standing.

Deliveries are by registered mail with a tracking number
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Bird heaters used to warm the aviary and other appliances that have an electrical supply to the pets home must have electrical leads positioned in a safe area. A heated aviary, bird cage, bird house or bird box must have safe positioning of the pets home, leads and connections before commencing construction of the the heated birds home. The heating products displayed may be operated on a transformer or battery* additional unless otherwise stated. The bird heater and heaters for birds are weather proof. All connecting leads must be placed in a safe, dry area.