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Solar heating for birds

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SOLAR bird heater

A small pet heater powered by solar energy. Now you can keep your birds  WARM  &  COOL  in any location.

blank spacer bird solar heaters    No mains electrical power is required

Simply face the solar panel towards the direction that has most sunshine. Electricity generated by the solar panel* will flow into the battery*
producing FREE electrical power to operate the bird heater.

             Bird house solar heaters automatically
             start from the stored electrical energy.

  • A thermostat built into the touch safe solar
    bird heater to regulate the heaters warmth

  • Ability to run from a solar panel providing
    your pet heater with free electrical energy
    blank spacer Solar bird heater
  • The solar bird heater has double insulation
    to protect your birds from electrical shocks

  • A back up power supply that will connect
    automatically when there is no sun energy

  • Solar panel bracket that mounts the solar
    panel on the roof or wall of your pet home

  • Weather proofing that allows the heater
    to be exposed to all weather conditions


Small fans with rotating parts safely enclosed inside the heater will provide cool, clean air on hot days. The whisper quiet fan
has filtering to prevent seed from being blown around your pets home. To convert the solar bird heater into a solar cooler

simply push a button. Easy to follow instructions and  free air filters
  are provided.     $149.95

Birds and heating flock of birds

Radiator heater for birds    Water powered bird heaters.  Warm your pet with   low cost radiation

water blank spacer paypal Radiator heaters will keep birds warm in any location. The water heated pet heater slowly release comforting warmth. Consistent cold days will automatically activate transformer power that reheats the water.

Automatic heating maintains the pets radiator heater at peak capacity.
The rust proof bird heater has an automatic reset thermal control to regulate the correct level of warmth.

Water radiator heaters have double insulation that slowly releases warmth directly to the area where your pet is resting. The touch safe bird heater has no exposed wiring & can be safely perched on. All heater controls are enclosed.

 - The safer, easier way to pay online. a   weatherproof     & just   $39.95

Deliveries are by registered mail with a tracking number
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Pet heaters and solar panels used to warm an aviary with an electrical supply to pet homes must have electrical leads positioned in a safe area* Unless otherwise stated solar panel or battery additional. When constructing a heated aviary, bird cage or bird house organize the safe positioning of the pets home, electrical leads, solar panels and connections before commencing construction of the the heated birds home.


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