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Caged bird heater for a bird bath

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Bird heaters

*aviary heater

An aviary heater that can safely operate close to your pets body
The small bird heater is insulated to protect your birds against burns

Birds that perch on aviary heaters are not injured. A filtering system   has been installed into the fan
heater to protect your pets. The filter will remove feathers and other contaminants that are often found
around an aviary. The filters can be washed and re-used. Spare filters are supplied with every heater.

pay $100  only   $48.99
  Our aviary heater has been designed to safely
    operate around active and flighty birds

An impact resistant housing and weather proofing is fitted on all of the aviary heaters electrical components.
You have a choice of using battery, transformer or solar power to operate the small bird heater.
Enclosed into the aviary heaters casing is a reliable thermostat
that will automatically maintain a safe heating range

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blank spacer Nesting box heaters birds house heaters A pet safe heater for warming birds.
Bird warmers have no hot spots
Warmth is evenly distributed

  • Temperatures are controlled by a thermostat.         BIRD WARMERS ARE WEATHER PROOF blank spacer shipping warranty

  • Automatic shut down prevents over heating.         Non toxic bird warmers resist bird attacks
       — The safer, easier way to pay online.
   Bird house heaters are touch safe and may operate free standing in a bird box or mounted on any surface of your pets home.
Battery power can be used to safely operate bird heaters in difficult areas. All instructions are provided.   reduced to    $49.62
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*Bird cage heater

blank spacer Bird cage heater blank spacer birds cage heating Birds can be warmed in complete safety with our weather proof bird cage heater

 Rain will not damage the small pet heater. Bird
enclosure heaters have automatic water drainers.
The small heater can be safely positioned inside
or exposed to all types of wet weather conditions.

Pet heaters will operate safely for long periods of time
at a VERY LOW COST on small transformers & battery

Bird cage heaters are easy to fit to your pets cage. Simply place it in the position you desire and tighten one bolt.
Fittings and easy to read instructions are provided for you. No skills or tools are required to fit the small bird cage heater.
  A whisper quiet fan will gently blow warm air throughout your pets home. The air is filtered to prevent particles from being spread.
Extra air purifying filters are supplied "free"

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heated perch for birds

   Heated perches operate on 3 power supplies*

  Pets located away from a convenient electrical power
point can be warmed safely and economically with the
power of the sun or battery. The storage battery may
be recharged from a solar panel. Solar panels for the
heated perch are small and easily supported by a cage.

blank spacer small heated birds perch    The heated bird perch has controls and
   connections safely enclosed in weather
    proof housing outside your birds home

Branches found around your birds native habitat
make ideal perches. They can be dried or have an
abundance of foliage. Small heaters in the weather
proof casing  will SAFELY warm any tree branch.
Heating temperatures are maintained automatically.
Fitting fresh branches for the small bird perch is easy.

The small pet friendly heater can be positioned onto the
wire mesh of your pets cage or mounted on a wall panel.

Perch heaters are a package deal that includes three
perches of different lengths plus a spare perch holder. blank spacer lightning


blank spacer bird heated perch

blank spacer new             Bird perch lengths:

( 50 mm )   4.3" ( 100 mm )   6.7" ( 150 mm ) blank spacer heated birds perch blank spacer perch heater
  • Custom made perch lengths and designs to suit
    bird homes can be made by handy pet owners.

  • Descriptions of material, construction method &
    manual is provided with every bird perch heater.

  • Material used to construct your own bird perch
    are inexpensive and readily available at stores.

There is also a touch safe pet warmer fitted to the front of the small perch heater.
Pet warmers allow your bird to snuggle up close to the plate for warmth.
The warm surface is pre-set at a safe level

 — The safer, easier way to pay online. blank spacer special offer blank spacer solar panel   SOLAR HEATED PERCH
   PACKAGE          $48.65  — The safer, easier way to pay online.    110 / 240 VOLTS PERCH
   PACKAGE          $24.20  — The safer, easier way to pay online. BATTERY POWER PERCH
   PACKAGE          $29.90
HEATED bird perch
( metal protected )

blank spacer Heated bird perch Heated_birds_perch Bird perch heater Heated_bird_perches

The metal shielded heated bird perch has a vibration
spring that imitates the movement of branches.

Birds that roost on heated perches can feel impacts
of birds landing and departing from the heated perch.

small bird blank spacer Small bird Creating a natural moving perch reduces stress and friction between the captive birds.
It promotes a sense of security knowing that when predators approach
the heated perch moves. Pets will feel warm & safe.

 — The safer, easier way to pay online. reduced to  $34.22  1 week only
The small bird perch will support 2 pounds ( 1 kilogram )


Thermo Perch
Protect your pet from the harmful effects
of air conditioning and cold drafts

blank spacer Thermo perch
  • Heat matching your pets body temperature
  • L.V. Transformer (supplied) provides warmth.
  • Reduces your birds stress in cold weather.                K&H Thermo-Perch
  • Requires no tools to attache onto a wire cage.
  • Shaped to reduce foot cramps and sores.
  • Written one year buyers guarantee.
Thermo-Perch heated bird perches help to protect your exotic birds from harmful air conditioning and cold drafts. Thermo-Perches provides consistent warmth. The small heated perch that is safely controlled by a AUTOMATIC THERMOSTAT
$39   only   $17.52 pay

miniature bird heaters

 — The safer, easier way to pay online.
"miniature"  heaters for warming birds
Birds that are free in nature will do everything possible to escape the cold.

If you have a small pet in a cage exposed to the cold weather your bird may suffer. But there's no way of providing warmth for pets home.


The solution is to place a battery operated miniature heater in the spot where your pet enjoys resting.

Simply connect a small battery onto the miniature heater. Pet heaters are weatherproofed for safety.

Warmth and comfort for your pet at a bargain price
$47  $26.50

miniature bird heater

weatherproof Miniature heater for birds        just  $29.72  - The safer, easier way to pay online.
The small heater warms at a very low cost

Bird houses, bird cages and nesting boxes can
be safely warmed with the miniature heater.

A miniature heater for birds that can be placed in any position.
The pet friendly heater is weather proof and operates on a transformer or battery for long periods.

Tiny heaters for bird

tiny bird heater

blank spacer new The tiny touch safe heater for birds has all the excellent safety features of miniature bird heaters plus a small suction cup to enable quick mounting.

Can be powered by a transformer or battery*
blank spacer shipping warranty blank spacer lightning A safety screen is positioned at the front
of the heaters emission plate. Your pet
can safely perch on the heater.
Suction cups can be removed
to allow fixed mounting.

( fittings supplied )

- The safer, easier way to pay online.    only $25.22

Deliveries are by registered mail with a tracking number
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The environmental research and advocacy organization
Environmental Working Group in May 2003 filed a
14 page paper with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety
Commission petitioning for a rule requiring that
heating appliances containing PTFE carry a warning
label on the potential hazards to birds

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card card Card
Pet heaters and other appliances that have an electrical supply to the
pets home must have electrical leads and connections positioned in a safe area. When constructing a heated aviary, cage or bird home ensure the safe positioning of the pets home, electrical leads and connections before commencing construction. The bird heating products may be operated on a transformer or battery* additional unless otherwise stated. Our small bird heaters are weather proof and built to the high standard you deserve. A manufacturers warranty protects your investment.  A.B.N:59 969 257 330
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