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*aviary heater

An aviary heater that can safely operate close to your pets body. The bird heater has double insulation that protects your birds against "electrical shock and burns"

There are no parts of the small bird heater that may accidentally cause burns. Birds can perch on aviary heaters without being injured.

A filtering system   has been installed into the fan heater to protect your pets. The filter will remove feathers and other contaminants that are often found in an aviary.

The filters can be washed and re-used numerous times.
Spare filters are supplied with every pet heater.

Our aviary heater has been designed to operate around active and flighty pets

An impact resistant housing and weather proofing is fitted on all of the aviary heaters electrical components.

Enclosed into the heaters casing is a reliable thermostat
that will automatically maintain a safe heating range

The compact bird heater can be exposed to weather and is ideal for keeping your pets aviary warm in the winter.

$150  only   $129.95

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bird house heater*

A bird heater that will warm birds and chicks safely.

The enclosed bird warmer has no hot spots that can burn when brushed against and are ideal for warming birds.

Bird house heaters are weather and impact resistant
They are safe in any position inside your pets home.

Pet heaters can be exposed to the weather

  • No heating elements touch the wall of the heater.

  • Warmth is generated in the interior of the heater.

Our pet warmer is "extremely strong". It will withstand attacks from a determined bird. To protect your pet the heaters casing is made from a non toxic thermo shield.

The small touch safe heater can operate free standing in a bird box or mounted on any surface of your pets home
Battery power can also be used to safely operate heaters in difficult areas. Instructions are provided.  just   $89.72 

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*Bird cage heater

You can provide warmth for your birds in complete safety with a weather proof bird cage heater

Rain will not damage the small pet heater. Bird enclosure heaters are self drain and can be exposed to wet areas
    The pet heater will operate safely for long periods of time at a very low cost on a transformer or battery power.

Bird cage heaters are easy to fit to your pets cage. Simply place it in the position you desire and tighten one bolt. Fittings and easy to read instructions are included.

A whisper quiet fan will gently blow warm air throughout your pets home. The air is filtered to prevent particles from being spread. Extra air filters are supplied "free"
   only $129.95

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aviary  heater

Bird house heater
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Bird cages heating

bird cage  heater

Bird cage heating

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The environmental research and advocacy organization Environmental Working Group in May 2003 filed a
14 page paper with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission petitioning for a rule requiring that
heating appliances containing PTFE carry a warning label on the potential hazards to birds.

A.B.N:59 969 257 330
Pet heaters and other appliances that have an electrical supply to the pets home must have electrical leads and connections positioned in a safe area. When constructing a heated aviary, cage
or bird home organize the safe positioning of the pets home, electrical leads and connections before commencing construction. The bird heating products may be operated on a transformer or battery* additional unless otherwise stated. Our small bird heaters are weather proof and built to the high standard you deserve. A manufacturers warranty protects your investment.